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Professional at every step, creating a masterpiece – DBMC, the starting place of great ideas!

DBMC’s mission is to design, build, maintain office housing architecture, landscape architecture, install attractive entertainment and sports areas, and construct sophisticated and luxurious interior and exterior. We rely on an integrated model that includes professional design, engineering and construction to create maximum value for customers. DBMC has an outstanding record of providing high-class projects to some of the most prestigious investors and contractors in Vietnam with guaranteed time and reasonable costs.

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Any construction project needs to start carefully from the design stage. In order to help customers have the best solution, DBMC provides design services that meet all needs and eliminate invisible worries of customers and investors.


After agreeing on the items in the 3D design, DBMC will send a contract including terms, including a commitment to timely implementation according to the drawing.


To achieve success for each construction project in general, project management and operation are key factors that contribute to highlighting value as well as bringing the project closer to target customers. However, many investors are not really interested in this issue or have not found the optimal solution.


During operation, any project is likely to encounter damage and problems that need to be promptly resolved and repaired. Maintenance and upkeep of projects needs to be regular to ensure that equipment is always new and limit errors that greatly affect people and property.


Explore Large-Scale Projects

Project 01

Customer – Mr. Cuong, Hanoi

Project 02

Customer – Ms. Tran Thi Binh, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project 03

Customer – Mr. Huy, Da Nang.

Project 04

Customer – Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung, Hai Phong

Project 05

Customer – Mr. Khoi, Can Tho.

Project 06

Customer – Winam Group


What our Client Say?

"I am very impressed with DBMC's professionalism and dedication in designing and building my house. They not only gave me an ideal living space but also made sure all the work was completed properly. highest progress and quality."
Mr. Cuong
"DBMC is truly a reliable partner in all of our projects. They always listen and understand customer needs, and propose creative and effective solutions. I am very satisfied with the results." the results they bring."
Ms. Tran Thi Binh
Ho Chi Minh City
"DBMC's staff is truly impressive with their professional knowledge and working skills. They helped me complete my project in the smoothest and most efficient way."
Mr. Huy
Da Nang
"DBMC is not only a design and construction unit, but also a companion in every step we take. They are always willing to support and solve any problems that arise quickly and professionally."
Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung
Hai Phong
"I couldn't be more satisfied with DBMC's service. They far exceeded my expectations with their creativity and quality of work. I would not hesitate to share this wonderful experience with everyone."
Mr. Khoi
Can Tho
"I want to thank DBMC for the quality and safety of the playground equipment they installed in the city's parks. My children really enjoyed playing on these games, and I feel secure about safety issue when letting children play."
Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong

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