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DBMC – Professional – Prestigious – Quality

DBMC is a reputable, professional and top quality unit in Vietnam specializing in consulting on design, construction, maintenance of office housing architecture, landscape architecture, interior and exterior construction and installation of yard equipment. Children’s play, sports equipment. We have been receiving trust and satisfaction from customers as well as success with many key projects in Vietnam.

The services we provide include all work related to the process of a project: design consulting, construction to equipment and infrastructure maintenance contracts. DBMC promotes creativity, professional workflow and interaction based on relationships with partners in implementing projects. Coming to DBMC, Customers and Partners will receive dedicated service from a team of experienced staff, projects will be delivered on schedule, ensuring high quality standards and limiting costs incurred. and always within the budget limits required by customers.

With the goal of providing customers with the most advanced services on the market, DBMC believes that building and maintaining relationships with customers is the heart of our business. In addition, DBMC will bring a professional working style, detailed planning, consultative and systematic project management.

DBMC believes in a proactive approach to all aspects of our business as well as quality and safety. By doing this, we give our customers trust and peace of mind in the process of designing, building and maintaining office housing architecture, landscape architecture, playground equipment, sports and furniture. exterior.

We believe in the collective power that makes the difference when making the impossible possible. DBMC always selects highly qualified personnel so we can maintain and ensure high standards of quality and safety. In addition, we have a strong construction management team including experienced and qualified construction engineers, labor safety engineers, and project managers.

DBMC has been successfully implementing challenging projects in Vietnam. Our team works together and coordinates perfectly, which helps DBMC carry out even highly complex projects on schedule and at the best price.

Our team is a collection of talented and passionate individuals, committed to creating the highest quality and innovative solutions for each project

Our team

Pham Nhat Phi
Ngo Anh Huy
Head of project management
Nguyen Anh Quan
Pham Ba Minh
Construction Supervisor

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