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Lighting elements in garden landscape design

Lighting is a particularly important part of landscape design, as well as creating unique and brilliant highlights for your garden every night.

Depending on the design purposes or investment level, architects focus on basic lighting or decorative lighting. Depending on the area of use, allocate light sources appropriately: walkways, outdoor playgrounds, outdoor dining areas, gates, beautiful planted areas… In addition, designers also use light to attract attention. visually, allowing users to enjoy the space, providing views, connecting functional areas in the garden…

Design requirements also depend on different light source elements such as public elements, places where fun and entertainment activities occur; water; lead error; green trees as well as the main light colors that the homeowner wants to increase the warmth, luxury or neutrality of the project or landscape project.

Basic lighting techniques can include:

Path lighting: Mainly used to illuminate walkways, sidewalks, etc. to ensure pedestrian safety at night. Avoid light shining into your eyes.

Underwater lighting: Exploiting the two properties of water refraction and water reflection. not only increases attractiveness but also brings safety to everyone.

Step lighting: Helps identify steps, creating safety when moving.

Up lighting: Lighting up something from below. This technique is rarely seen in nature but the effect is often used to highlight trees, statues, etc.

Down lighting: Used to provide general lighting for safety, security or outdoor entertainment or it can be used to focus on a single object such as a statue or Model trees to reflect the effects of the sun or moon. The lights can easily be mounted on awnings, walls or hung on trees and other structures.

Common types of lights used in landscape lighting design include low pillar lights; high pillar lights; Spotlight lights highlight the lighting space in the best way. There are also floor and wall lights used to illuminate walkways and create accents as well as LED lights and decorative lights with a variety of shapes and structures.

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