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Experience in civil housing construction

Experience in housing construction is the secret you should consult to have the best preparation as well as limit problems that arise later, reduce costs and help the project progress not be delayed. Please join DBMC in reading the article summarizing practical experiences when constructing houses from leading architects in the industry below.

1. Structural design for housing construction process

Experience in housing construction should start from the design stage. This is a job between architects and construction engineers to come up with a civil house construction process that will design structural drawings and reinforcing steel details for beams, floors, columns, and foundations of the house. … and all issues related to construction techniques, to ensure the bearing capacity of the house.

It is a fact that the structure of the house has a serious impact on the quality and durability of the project. Besides, you need to know for sure the load and floor height to arrange the steel or beams to ensure safety (when running and jumping, the floor will not vibrate).

2. Detailed design of electricity, water, and interior (if any)

Engineers will arrange detailed electrical and water drawings and calculate materials statistics so that the homeowner can only purchase materials or contract them to the work team (depending on the agreement between the two parties).

Finally, check the licenses, drawings, and contracts one last time to ensure that when construction begins, everything will happen in the right order, with no errors or problems.

3. Construction process of civil houses

For families who are required to apply for a permit, they must notify the commune of the construction start date: According to regulations, the homeowner must notify the construction start date to the licensing agency 7 days in advance to know and monitor implementation.

You should ask your neighbors to create conditions for you to cooperate and carry out house construction in the simplest and most fun way. Because during the construction process, your project will definitely affect the traffic in the area you live in, causing pollution in many aspects.

For alternate construction projects, before starting construction, the investor must document the current status of neighboring houses to serve as a basis for resolving complaints when damage to neighboring buildings occurs. The civil house construction process requires documents that must be confirmed by the parties and can be prepared by measuring, drawing, and making diagrams.

4. Construction supervision

As the person who ensures that all stages are carried out technically and according to procedures, construction supervision plays an extremely important role. They can also advise homeowners on ways to reduce costs and effectively use and manage materials.

You can:

  • Self-monitor if knowledgeable and experienced

  • Hire people with supervisory qualifications. (prices will be very high if hiring design and supervision units)

To easily manage and grasp work efficiency, you can ask the construction supervisor to write a clear construction diary, which is verified and signed by all parties after each day.

5. Handover, acceptance and put into use

Depending on the size of the construction area, construction time will vary. Normally, projects such as level 4 or 1,2, or 3-storey houses can range in area from about 4 months to 8 months to complete.

After completion, the contractor will hand over the project that meets quality requirements for acceptance by the investor.

Upon handover: The construction party and contractor must clean up the site, hand over all documents and related issues, and the construction unit must withdraw all assets from the construction area and return the land. Borrow or rent for construction purposes.


Above are some residential housing construction experiences compiled by DBMC from experts as well as projects that have been completed and undertaken by DBMC. Hopefully through this article, you can take the best preparation steps to build your desired living space. If you are looking for a reputable, highly skilled construction unit, please contact DBMC. We have a team of dedicated, thoughtful staff rich in practical experience and professional skills, who will certainly help you build a perfect home at the most reasonable cost possible.

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