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Construction items in the construction of villas and houses

When starting to build villas and houses, homeowners often do not imagine all the items that need to be constructed. Through the detailed list listed below, we hope you will have an overview of the amount of work when building a villa or house. Thereby, it will be easier to work with contractors as well as construction and interior service providers.

Rough construction items

– Construction of reinforced concrete pile foundations, erection of formwork, pouring Mac 250 foundation concrete

– Construction of septic tank system (septic tank)

– Pour floors, columns, and roofs with Mac 250 concrete.

– Building walls, commonly used standard wall dimensions are 10cm, 20cm, 30cm with 8x18cm bricks plastered according to standards.

– Installation of water supply and drainage systems including septic tanks, manholes, sewers, pipe laying, connections, sanitary equipment…

– Waterproofing toilet floors, terrace concrete floors, roof waterproofing…

– Level the foundation, pay attention to the slope of the foundation and drainage pipes in areas where water is used such as toilets, front and back yards.

Construction items completed

– Install network cable systems, TV cables, telephone cables for the living room, bedrooms, and function rooms of the entire house

– Installing electrical systems including pipes, switches, sockets, lighting equipment, decorative lights, air conditioners, cameras…

– Installing plaster ceilings, fixing moldings, cornices, and decorative reliefs.

– Tiling and wood flooring, skirting the walls if any…

– Installing wooden doors (aluminum, plastic, glass, rolling doors…)

– Apply primer, sand, and paint the entire interior and exterior of the house.

At this point, we have basically completed the construction items for villas and houses. Homeowners can now start taking care of the interior to create a truly perfect living space for their family.

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