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Civil housing construction process

The process and steps of implementing multi-family housing construction are not clearly understood, so management is very confusing, leading to many misunderstandings. Understanding the entire housing construction process will help homeowners optimize costs of time and effort, and synchronize the implementation process with many parties. But what is a reasonable, time-saving construction process? Join DBMC to learn the steps in this process.

First, the homeowner needs to choose a construction company to apply for a construction permit. The licensing authority will know how many floors the house has, the number of communal floors, etc. The permit application may be different from the construction documents. Therefore, the detailed design for construction needs to be carefully crafted and have solutions suitable to the family situation…

Step 1: Preparation phase

  • Positioning and supervising construction projects
  • Prepare the ground for construction work
  • Receive quantities and gather materials

Step 2: Treat the foundation by pressing reinforced concrete piles

  • Prepare materials and construction equipment
  • Conduct test pile pressing
  • Mass pile pressing
  • Acceptance of pile pressing stage

Step 3: Build reinforced concrete foundations

  • Digging holes without foundations
  • Perform lining concrete pouring
  • Proceed to pour concrete foundation
  • Foundation construction
  • Pour concrete into the brace
  • Construction of underground items and parts such as septic tanks, manholes, underground tanks…
  • Acceptance of foundation results

Step 4: Build the body of the building

Includes reinforced concrete frame, floors, walls and roof. Common tasks are determining benchmarks for construction, installing rebar, joining formwork, pouring concrete…

The process of constructing the body will be similar sequentially from the first floor to the roof. Construction of reinforced concrete columns includes the following tasks:

  • Construction of concrete floors on the 1st floor
  • Construction of 1st floor wall
  • Construction of stairs to the 1st floor
  • Acceptance of the 1st floor
  • Everyone does the same for floors 2, 3…

Step 5: Construction and construction of the roof

  • Build insulation & create a reasonable slope for the roof.
  • Proceed to pour waterproof concrete.
  • Construction of leaf brick layer
  • Construction of roof finishing
  • Acceptance of roof results

Step 6: Complete house construction

The construction process is completed according to the principle of inside to outside, from top to bottom.

  • Plaster the ceiling and walls
  • Tiling, screeding, floor covering
  • Walling
  • Make the ceiling, cover and connect the details
  • Adjust doors and carpentry
  • Consulting and verifying design documents
  • Install technical equipment in the house
  • Paint the finished surface
  • Acceptance of completed works

Step 7: Clean after construction and hand over the project to customers

After each phase of housing construction, the contractor usually conducts basic cleaning to prepare for the next phase.

However, when all construction items are completed, it is necessary to conduct post-construction cleaning again to hand over to customers for immediate use.


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